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Working with schools, families and organisations to enrich children’s lives through a shared love of Literacy.

The Literacy Tree Learning Consultancy specialises in helping schools, parents, publishers and other organisations access the same knowledge about how children can become critical readers, thinkers and writers.  At the heart of the company lies a passion for quality children’s literature and a belief that if children can engage with books early, they will take these skills on through life; blossoming with their knowledge about how to read and write for enjoyment.

The Literacy Tree believes…

  • All children have the right to be critical readers, thinkers and writers.
  • Children’s lives can be enriched through quality literature.
  • Learning should be an exciting and engaging process.

At Winton Primary School, The Literacy Tree has been working to support teachers develop their practice in the teaching and learning of Literacy.  There has been a particular focus on Guided Reading this year and Anthony Legon, from The Literacy Tree, has demonstrated Guided Reading sessions to all teachers in all year groups (from Reception up to Year 6) – you can read about it in their blog here.

Let's make something beautiful together...