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“We believe in working hard, learning from our failures, and celebrating our successes.”

Our Vision for the School

What our children experience?

  • Positive role models and strong relationships – with adults and each other!
  • A thought provoking curriculum that secures high standards in the basic skills as well as the range of subject, developing cultural capital, life skills and academic excellence in a variety of subject areas.
  • An understanding of the importance of hard work and a growth mindset to be successful


What our children will achieve?

  • High standards across the curriculum
  • An understanding of what it looks like to be good citizens
  • An awareness of the possibilities and opportunities that will be available to them in life – we want all our children to know they can be successful!


What our school will look like, feel like, and sound like on a daily basis?

  • Happy pupils and adults celebrating the great work and learning of all!
  • Welcoming, warm, positive, fun and polite!
  • A buzz around learning and achievement!
  • Respectful conversations, support and challenge – focused on everyone learning together!


School’s relationship with parents and carers

  • Mutual respect and with a focus on children’s learning and wellbeing at the heart of the partnership
  • Approachable, friendly and positive.
  • Working in Partnership to problem solving with parents, not for parents.


What will people say about our staff?

  • Approachable, welcoming, helpful and supportive
  • Strong and committed professional role models
  • Problem solvers with others, not for others


Values and The School Creed

Our school creed was written by Winton pupils through our ‘Pupil Voice’ groups in Autumn Term 2013 and then reviewed and revised in Spring Term 2015. 

Our values are captured in our school creed – which was written by our pupil to reflect the things we believe in.  These words describe our commitment to our school and to each other and we try to live by them every single day:

We believe that to have a good future,

We must try our best in the present.

We believe in working hard, learning from our failures, and celebrating our successes.

We believe in resilience, kindness, good manners and respect.

We know that we are safe.

At Winton we are proud of who we are!

Let's make something beautiful together...