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Keeping you up to date!

At Winton we are always trying to work closely with our families.  We send regular newsletters and updates to parents.

Recent Newsletters and Update Letters:

Winton Weekly 07.05.21

Winton Weekly 30.04.21.doc

Winton Weekly 23.04.21

Winton Weekly 26.03.21.doc

Winton Weekly 19.03.21

Winton Weekly 12.03.21.doc

Winton Weekly 05.03.21.

Welcome Back – 8th March

Winton Weekly 26.02.21 updated assembly

Winton Weekly 12.02.21.doc

Winton Weekly 05.02.21.doc

Winton Weekly 29.01.21

Virtual Coffee meeting with Mrs Brown

Online Learning Update 22.01.21

Online Learning Update 15.01.21

Remote learning 06.01.21

Winton Weekly 17.12.20

Letter to Winton Families for Christmas incl COVID reporting

Information about self-isolation

Winton Weekly 04.12.20.doc

Winton Weekly 27.11.20.doc

Winton Weekly 19.11.20.doc

Winton News 13.11.20.doc

Winton News 06.11.20

Winton Update 23.10.20

20-10-16 Important message to Islington parents about CovidHome Learning Letter to Parents

Winton Update 12.10.20

WInton Update 02.10.20

Winton Parents Urgent Covid Update

Winton Weekly 15.09.20

Winton Update July 2020 including term dates

Emergency Childcare

Covid-19 School Closure

Remote Learning Letter to Families 18.03.20

COVID 18.03.20

Coronavirus F2287 v3 Mar20_0 (2)

Update Covid-19Message from Mrs Brown

Winton Weekly 13.03.20

Update Coronavirus

Winton Weekly 06.03.20

Letter to Families – Coronavirus

Winton Weekly 28.02.20

Winton Weekly 14.02.20

Winton Weekly 07.02.20

Winton Weekly 31.01.20

Winton Weekly 17.01.20

LQP Leadership Team – CoG to Parents 16.01.20 (1)

Winton Weekly 10.01.20

Winton Weekly 19.12.19
Winton Weekly 13.12.19

Winton Weekly 06.12.19
Winton Weekly 28.11.19

Winton Weekly 22.11.19

Winton Weekly 15.11.19

Winton Weekly 08.11.19

Winton Weekly 11.10.19

The Learning Quarter Partnership (1)

Winton Weekly 20.09.19

Winton Weekly 13.09.19

Proposal on the Federation of Hugh Myddelton Primary School and Winton Primary School (5)

Federation of Schools Letter 10.7.19 (1)

2019 Winton Results

Winton Classes Next Year 05.07.19

Winton News 05.07.19

Show Week

Winton News 21.06.19

Winton News 07.06.19

Winton News 24.05.19

Summer Fayre Poster Competition

Summer Fayre – Help us

Winton News 17.05.19

Federation of Schools Consultation HM and Winton

May promotion flyer

Monday 27 to Friday 31 May programme days (1)

Hugh Mydd holiday scheme application (1)

Hard-Federation-Consultation-Letter (1)

Winton News 03.05.19

Winton News 05.04.19

Winton News 29.03.19

Winton News 21.03.19

Winton Friends March Update

Letter to families Lunch Bunch

Winton News 08.03.19

Winton News 01.03.19

Winton News 15.02.19

Letter from Department of Education – February 2019

Winton News 06.02.19

Winton Friends Update 30th January

Winton News 30.01.19

Free and affordable food – winter 2018

Winton Weekly 13.12.18

Winton Weekly 30.11.18

Winton Weekly 09.11.18

Winton Weekly 08.10.18

Winton Weekly 02.11.18

Winton Weekly 27.09.18

2nd Parent Meeting sec transfer 24.09.18 (3)

Winton Weekly 18.09.18

Winton Weekly 12.09

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