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At Winton Primary School, we understand the importance and need for everyone in our school community to have a healthy lifestyle and to experience a sense of wellbeing.

We actively promote both physical and mental health and aim to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding that will lead to them making informed choices about their health both now and in the future.

By championing healthy eating, healthy lifestyles including sleep, exercise, relaxation time along with good emotional and mental health and wellbeing, we are aiming to continue to raise standards. We believe that these aims will improve levels of pupil achievement and promote the welfare of pupils so that they can develop well and have the best possible outcomes available for their lives.

Parents and carers play a key role to support our pupils to develop healthy living across all areas and we welcome parental involvement in developing some of the provision that we have on offer at Winton.

We are looking for ways that parents and staff at Winton can share with each other great ideas and ways to look after ourselves. Parenting is one of the most demanding jobs any person can have!

Below are details of some of the activities and projects that we have recently undertaken as a school in order to achieve healthier lifestyles for our pupils, staff and parents.  We have also posted links to useful health, wellbeing and keeping safe websites for your use and information.

Our pupils have told us that these websites for different organisations are important to them, allowing them to get advice as and when they need it. Pupils have told us that they like the fact that they can access this information alongside their parents at home. We hope that you use these pages as and when you need them and that they are helpful to you and your children. Enjoy!

Activities and Projects:

Year 4 and Year 5 are involved in the Anna Freud ‘Inspire’ Project. The project aims to find out if lessons on mental health and wellbeing and mindfulness activities can improve the wellbeing and learning of children. This is being supported by the Department for Education. Lessons will be taking place from January 2019 until March 2019.


Pupils and Parents. Please help us to know how we can improve our offer to pupils, families and staff by taking our wellbeing survey.   We are looking to find out how everyone involved in school life is feeling.

The survey ink closes on 31st January 2019. There are separate links for parents and pupils to take the survey (below).

CHILL is a cohort study funded by the Public Health Research Programme. It will determine whether reducing air pollution from traffic improves lung growth and respiratory health in primary school children. Click the link to watch a short video to find out about CHILL:

Useful Websites and Links:Useful Websites and Links

Parent evaluation survey link: Parent Survey

Parent evaluation survey link plain text version for parents who are not fully confident with reading English yet: Parent survey (limited English)

Pupil evaluation survey:Pupil Survey



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