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Understanding the world.

At Winton, we strive to ensure all children are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of science experiences. We aim to give children an understanding of the world around them, whilst promoting their excitement and enthusiasm for science. Science learning during primary school gives children the skills to help them to think scientifically and to have an understanding of the scientific process. Science topics such as plants and all living things are taught in key stage 1 and then revisited during key stage 2 in greater depth; this allows the children to build on their prior knowledge.

Teachers at Winton follow the National Curriculum guidelines for each year group; we endeavour to make meaningful links to our current class topics and also the real world. We have a variety of resources and books in our school which supports the science learning. We also are lucky enough to be members of the Islington Education Library Service, which allows us to borrow a variety of resources such as books, posters, models and much more.

Winton is situated in central London, allowing us easy access for many trips which can support science learning. The Science Museum is one of many a great resources, providing workshops and guided talks around the museum. It is a great place for children to learn in an interactive and fun way.

All children are encouraged to develop and use a range of scientific skills at Winton. Teachers introduce specific vocabulary for each unit of work to support understanding; children are encouraged to use this vocabulary to communicate ideas. Concepts and ideas taught are reinforced through practical investigations, supporting children to take ownership of their learning through deciding on questions for investigations, making predictions and evaluating their findings.

Teachers display key vocabulary for science topics to support and encourage the children’s use and understanding.

Our science club has been a great success and is currently running for children in years 1, 2 and 3. Children have been working together with peers from different year groups and have been exploring science in hands on and fun way.

We have learnt about forces and children were given the challenge to make a balloon rocket,

We also spent time exploring reactions between a range of materials and water. The children investigated and made their own lava lamps and volcanoes

“The oil stayed on the top, it didn’t mix with the water altogether.” Sanjidah, Year 2

“We found out that the salt is the best to make lava bubbles. The sugar just went down with no bubbles.” Sudias, Year 1

Science Teaching and Learning Policy

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