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Pupils learn from each other and make a valuable contribution.

Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education is at the heart of everything we do at Winton.  We believe all pupils should have the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them.  Our curriculum education ensures that children think of themselves as ‘global citizens’ and how they can make a difference e.g. year 3 and 4 raised money during their rainforest unit to protect an area of the rainforest.

We also use a program called SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) to support all pupils to develop their social and emotional aspects of learning. It provides a framework and some ideas for teaching social and emotional skills within discrete lessons, across subjects and outside the classroom. PSHE education provides an invaluable contribution to learning the social and emotional skills that are identified in SEAL.

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OFSTED 2010:

‘Pupils behave well and are considerated towards each other’

‘They (pupils) enjoy the opportunity to learn about others offered by the range of cultures in the school’

‘Racial harmony is a great strength.  Pupils make a valuable contribution to the school, including in the resolution of conflicts as peer mediators’

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