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Thoughtful, reflective, considerate individuals

We aim to encourage creative thinking and develop the children’s creative language.

  • We aim to teach children how to work together collaboratively and build on each other’s ideas.
  • We aim to allow children to critically discus ideas in a safe and supportive environment

P4C is a subject that aims to help children ‘become more thoughtful, more reflective, more considerate and more reasonable individuals’. At Winton our teachers use a range of stimuli, from interesting objects found around the home, to passionate and inspiring videos found on YouTube. Have you ever seen an advert, film, cartoon or picture that filled you with questions and made you want to find out more? These inspiring moments are found all around you in life and P4C gives those moments a chance to be discussed and explored in Collaborative, Creative, Critical and Caring ways. These are what P4C calls the 4 C’s.

Some examples of stimuli that we have covered in our classrooms are:

  • Voices in the Park – Anthony Browne
  • Amazon advert – Friendship between an Imam and Priest
  • Videos about deforestation (Year 3 curriculum topic)
  • The Worst Princess –
  • Antique ‘Magic’ Calendar – Object from within the school

There are many more stimuli that we use to create discussion. Almost anything can have a story behind it and lead to deep, interesting discussions.

What can you do with your child?

If you’re looking for resources, lots of children’s books inspire questions and deeper thinking. Try ‘Anthony Browne’, ‘Shaun Tann’ and ‘Francesca Simon’ for good quality, interesting fiction books.

Alternatively, try these websites for ideas and to learn more about P4C:

Where can you visit?

Any inspiring place can be a good basis to encourage philosophical thinking and discussion. Try local museums like the London Canal Museum (Kings Cross) and art galleries like The House of Illustration (Granary Square), or famous locations like London’s Natural History Museum. Don’t worry if you’re not confident coming up with philosophical questions, just ask your kids questions like ‘How?’, ‘Why?’ and get them to explain ‘what’ they see. Getting them thinking and making connections is all about what we’re building with P4C.

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