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Creating a brighter future for young people through the arts.

“Strongly supporting music and performing arts this year, has given our children a unique opportunity, including the licence to be creative, to explore avenues and interests they might not have done before, to make mistakes and to discover new opportunities.” Mr Rigby, Headteacher

Music Overview

Musical education at Winton aspires to provide children the opportunity to learn, experience and perform using a wide range of musical instruments, via an ever expanding number of performance opportunities. At Winton, children have the benefit of a fully resourced music room, containing a number of different types of guitar, drums, keyboards and other instruments. The music room is a wonderful space for the children to immerse themselves in the joy of music and explore different types of sound.


Each year at Winton we provide the children in Key Stage 1 and 2 the opportunity to take part in their own performances. This provides a wonderful opportunity for children to build their confidence and have fun, by putting music at the heart of a themed play. At Christmas, Key Stage 1 holds their own seasonal themed performance, which gives the younger children their own opportunity to display their vocal and acting talents.

This summer, Key Stage 2, were also fortunate enough to work with Arts Insight on creating a fully theatrical centred performance. Key Stage 2 participated in a five-day workshop themed around healthy eating. This comprised of 40 performers, their teachers, and 80 backstage crew that included the set and props department, costume designers, marketing team, photographers, technical crew and front-of-house staff.

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to make our own song for the play. With Fergal we wrote a song called “We Are The Best Gamers There Are!” It was so much fun to sing it with all of the cast!” Zaki ‘Captain Health’, Year 5

The performance itself was an incredible experience; the children acted and sang along with full musical backing from Fergal. The cast and choir gained experience in singing at different tempos, harmonization and musical composition by writing their own song for the play. The event was viewed by over 100 parents, the Lord Mayor of Islington and even made the Islington Gazette. This week long activity formed the basis of our music curriculum coverage for the entire year.

“Throughout the week the school’s energy and commitment didn’t falter and in fact grew, as did every child’s confidence and sense of pride. The show itself was a phenomenal success and the cast members left the audience cheering and in some cases moved to tears (including my own ).” Laura Berridge, Artistic Director Arts-Insight

Other School Musical Activities

At Winton we are fully subscribed to Sing-Up and all teachers have access to this and regular singing takes place in classes across Winton. This website provides a rich catalogue of curriculum centred songs that teachers can apply to their topics. Sing up is also used in the weekly singing assembly. Children learn to use their voices as instruments and sing in time as a group, they also learn that singing is fun and can be enjoyed by all ages.

“I really like singing in assembly, I really enjoy practicing different songs and listening to new music!” Matthew, Year 1

Teachers use music across the curriculum, whether it’s creating a soundtrack to a stop motion video or playing instruments for the school in a class assembly, there are a vast number of opportunities for cross curricular musical provision. The year 4 classes are currently learning to play the recorder as a class and this will continue next year. Also, watch this space for news of future after school musical activities and instrument tuition.

“I’ve enjoyed learning all about different rhythms and sounds. I love playing with different types of musical instruments in IPC! I even got to teach other children how to drum when we had our year 3 rainforest café.” Aminur, Year 3

In addition to this, at Winton we aim to create an enthusiasm and enjoyment for musical education across the school, which leaves our children wanting to actively take part and enjoy the subject. Our staff are focused on providing children with enjoyable musical experiences. Music benefits children by helping them to develop self-confidence, aid them socially and offer them a further avenue for their self-expression at Winton.

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