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“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” Albert Einstein

“At Winton Primary School, we want to ensure children are given the building blocks and life skills to be successful in life – and there are few things more important to this than becoming confident learners in Maths.    It is through their learning in Maths, that children can make sense of the numbers, patterns and shapes they see in the world around them.  Maths offers them ways of handling data, solving problems, making unexpected discoveries and new connections between different kinds of information.  At Winton, we are committed to learning in maths which stimulates children’s curiosity and gives them confident foundations to build the skills they need in life beyond school.” Mr Rigby, Headteacher

Maths Overview

At Winton, we believe that the enjoyment of mathematics in later life, is built upon the foundations of rich mathematical experiences at the primary education stage. We endeavour to provide our children, an immersive mathematics curriculum that will offer them the opportunity for their enjoyment of maths to flourish, and greatly benefit them in further education and later life.  Maths is used in practically everything. Every facet of modern day human existence has something to do with numeracy. Maths impact reaches various types of employment, shopping, negotiations and problem solving. The principals learned in mathematics are applied somewhere and somehow in order to solve problems and navigate through life. In essence, children are taught that math is infallible, it’s never wrong and it never changes. 2+2 will always be 4.

“When I grow up, maths will help me in life because, If I need to pay bills, I can calculate how much I need to save. It will also help with everyday things like going to the shops. I think it will also help me in many different types of job!” Jordan Skerratt, Year 6

Maths at Winton

Mathematics teaches children how to make sense of the world around them by developing their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. It enables children to understand and appreciate relationships and pattern, in both number and space, in their everyday lives.

At Winton, we strive to ensure pupils are exposed to a wide range of mathematical experiences. Our objective is to provide a curriculum which fosters enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activity, problem solving, child generated, team exercises, mental activities, exploration and discussion.

Winton Maths Aims

Through a varied and challenging curriculum, we enable children to:

  • Become confident and competent with numbers and the number system.
  • Develop their ability to solve problems through decision-making and reasoning in a range of contexts.
  • Develop a practical understanding of the ways in which information is gathered and presented.
  • Explore features of shape and space, and develop measuring skills in a range of contexts.
  • Understand the importance of mathematics in everyday life.
  • Enjoy maths and to celebrate their successes.
  • Provide extracurricular opportunities for children to drive their own learning
  • Experience maths related activities in other areas of the curriculum

“I like maths at Winton because it is fun. I particularly like the maths challenges!” Zuhur Hersi, Year 4

New Curriculum

From September 2014, the new national curriculum will become statutory. At Winton, we are one of the only schools in Islington, already implementing the new curriculum, ensuring there is consistency across all year groups. Our maths leaders, in conjunction with the senior leadership team and consultants from the Borough of Islington, have been working closely to create a curriculum that builds on previous learnings, offers entry to all abilities and provides depth in the types of activities offered. In addition to this, we are also developing our provision of quality maths displays and ‘working walls’ in classrooms and around the school that support and celebrate children’s work in Maths.

maths 7Year 4 work together on a weekly maths challenge, focussing on time, adapted from the new curriculum.

“My favourite challenge was where we worked in pairs and had to arrange different types of time (measurement). Some were really tricky (seconds in a month) and some were obvious (minutes in an hour) and we had to put them in the correct order!” Cekayi Cameron, Year 4

Big Maths

Since November, all the children at Winton have been participating in ‘Big Maths’ across the school to help them learn our number facts. Big Maths lesson offer children the opportunity to increase their understanding of number facts, which are the foundations that allow children to develop into mathematical super structures! These are bespoke lessons, taught for a short amount of time, outside of the regular maths lessons. These lessons are lively, fun and have already been responsible for seeing dramatic improvements in attainment across the school. Over the course of the first six weeks after implementing Big Maths, Mars class saw their % of questions answered correctly, increase by 51%.

‘I like Big Maths because it helps me learn. At the beginning I got 2 and now I’m getting 17 out of 17! It makes me feel happy.” (Ayub, Year 2)

Celebrating Maths at Winton

In addition to celebrating our top scores in Big Maths, a child from each class is also celebrated in our weekly ‘Wow Work’ Assembly.  This provides an opportunity for our children to present their work to their peers and explain their learning and their experiences. Wow Work from years 1 to 4 can be viewed in the small hall, and upper key stage 2 examples are displayed in the large hall.

Children celebrating maths success at the Year 3/4 Wow Work Assembly

Cross Curricular and Extra Curricular Maths at Winton

MyMaths Club

Mymaths is a numeracy website for schools and is used in 70 countries around the world. Children at Winton benefit from having access to a wide range of ready-made lessons, games and homework tasks. Mymaths offers a fully interactive, online learning solution for all years and abilities. At this club, children work together on the interactive games and learn that maths can be both practical and fun.

‘MyMaths club helps us with our maths because it’s entertaining. We play games that help our learning and also we can do our tasks that our teacher has set for us.’ Tasniya, Year 4

Programming and Code Club

In addition to the Mymaths Club, children at Winton also have the opportunity to learn computer programming in class and afterschool at Code Club. Learning to code is an important skill now that children will be seeking careers in a digital job market. It’s not just enough for children to learn how to use computers and office packages. Learning to code has many benefits to support mathematical development. At Winton, we use programming to strengthen essential skills such as: problem solving skills and logical thinking.

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