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We promote a healthy and creative school and we extend that to our breakfast and after school clubs.

Winton extra-curricular clubs – review of participation, Spring term 2017

Mark Carter, 28th Feb 2017


Some of the key measures of success for Winton PE and Sport concern participation at extra-curricular clubs. The following are the rows from the table of Winton Measurable Targets which relate to extra-curricular clubs.

The final column has been completed for Spring Term 2017.

# Measure Notes FZ range (2014/15) 2015/16 actual 2016/17 target 2016/17 actual
5 Total number of children regularly attending an e/c club for at least one term

Only count each child once;

Data needs to be collected each term

8% to 69%

of school role for Y1-6

37 boys

13 girls

= 50


(30% of school role for Y1-6)

6 Total number of girls as a percentage of total number of children attending e/c clubs Only count each child once 12% to 54% 26% 40% 41%
7 Total number of e/c taking place each term 1 to 10 5 clubs in summer term 4 clubs each term 6 clubs per week


Spring Term 2017

There are currently 6 extra-curricular clubs happening weekly at Winton. This is three times the number of clubs that were happening when the school was first audited two years ago.

Club Number of Girls Number of Boys
Yoga 9 6
Cricket 2 14
Football 0 20
Dance 13 0
Gymnastics 13 2
Multi-sports 6 18
TOTAL 43 60

*some children attend more than one e/c club so the unique count makes sure they are only counted once each

Key headlines

  • There are a total of 99 children attending extra-curricular clubs regularly at Winton.
  • There are 6 clubs happening each week.
  • Girls account for 41% of the total extra-curricular club register.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club 8:00 – 8:55 daily, for Reception to Year 6

The children are served a fantastic healthy variety of cereal, fruit, toast and a drink. They also do various activities after eating e.g. play board games, read, draw, arts and crafts etc.

Breakfast Club costs only £1.00 a day (£5.00 per week). This is paid in advance on a Monday.

After School Clubs

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