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Winton’s Oasis

22 May Winton’s Oasis

We are a little oasis! Our school is an integral part of the local community and we were delighted to be part of the #first500 project.
We began our garden project in previous years by gaining funding from Project Dirt and having a wonderful group of enthusiastic volunteers from local businesses help prepare the ground and begin to plant our garden. Gardens need continuous maintenance and we have been lucky to have a gardener for a few hours a month, however, it was not a completed project and was in need of more plants.

Our school business manager, Trudy Morgan enjoyed a great day out at The Clockhouse Garden Centre in Cruise Hill, Enfield one Sunday to start to spend the funds we were awarded from #first500 project. Due to budget restraints, schools cannot often spend any money on their outside environments, so it was particularly exciting to go and choose some plants, trying to be sensible and choosing hardy plants that will survive 250 children’s attention! We have wanted to open this garden at lunchtimes to our children and now this dream is in sight! Once the garden has been completed, the children will be able to use it for quiet activities, reading, playing board games etc. Our Chess Club will love it, especially when the sun is out, they will be able to meet outside instead of staying in a classroom at lunchtime. Our much loved gardener Chrissy retired and we are delighted to have found Gavin who has had a lot of work to do to prepare the garden before he could begin planting

The wonderful plants that we had delivered are now in the ground. As you can see from the photos, the garden is looking better than it has ever before. We now await the sunshine, instead of the dreaded snow, for our oasis to flourish and for the children of Winton Primary School to be able to make the most of such a beautiful space. Living in Central London, not many people have the luxury of having any outdoor space. This makes it even more important for their school to provide a little sanctuary.


Thank you to  #first500 project for your help in providing the funds to get our project completed.

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