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What’s New?

06 Sep What’s New?

We are really excited to be back to school and we have lots of changes to share with you:

  • A new Executive Head teacher – Nathalie Parker
  • New staff – Amsha Begum, Ellie Harris, Samantha Smart, Donna Matthew and Emma Salinas
  • New children
  • New playground
  • Class Dojo’s

Class Dojo’s ( are being used to share with you how well your child is doing at school every day.  Pupils are given points for following the ‘Golden Rules’ and for excelling at school. A separate letter explains how you can connect to your child’s dojo to see how well they are doing. Please let us know if you need help connecting to your child’s dojo (this can be done via your phone).

Our Golden Rules:

Be gentle

Be kind and helpful

Listen and show respect

Be honest

Work hard

Look after property


Some photographs of what we have been up too..


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