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Parents! Parents! Parents!

Parents! Parents! Parents!

School Improvement Report, Parent Questionnaire, Coffee Mornings….


Parent Coffee Mornings

Please come to our regular coffee mornings on Monday mornings with our parent liaison worker, Nicola Edwards, as well as various guests and visitors.  Over the past term these have covered a range of themes including:

  • Philosophy for Children: how to help children to think for themselves
  • Keeping Children Safe: Safeguarding and the School’s Responsibilities
  • Phonics and Reading: Workshop for Parents
  • Online Safety – keeping children safe online
  • SATS – Supporting Y2 and Y6 pupils
  • “Welcome” for new parents!



We send out monthly newsletters to help parents stay in touch with what is happening at school.  The two most recent editions of our newsletter are:


School Improvement Report for Parents

I am very pleased to be able to present this ‘School Improvement Report’ for parents to keep you informed about some important developments at the school over the past year.

The report is available here: school-improvement-report-for-parents-2016

As a school we very regularly review our strengths and weaknesses in all areas, using both our own monitoring systems as well as advice from external experts, in order to support us to constantly improve.   I hope you find the report interesting. As always, thank you very much for your continued support – which is essential to the success of the school and your children!


Parent Questionnaire

Please see the attached document details of the outcomes of our most recent annual parent questionnaire : Results of the Parent Questionnaire 2016

You can also see this version, which shows how our results compare to national benchmarks for each question: Parent Questionnaire 2016 – With National Benchmarks


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