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Primary School Sports funding has helped us to increase participation and enjoyment in PE and Sports – to help our children live fulfilled and healthy lives!

The Government is making available to all schools a sum of money to allow them to continue to develop sports provision within school and to help schools increase pupil participation in sporting activity. This money equates to £8,000 per school per year plus an additional £5 per child.

At Winton we have used this money in a range of different way in order to improve the quality of PE and Sports on offer for our pupils.  In particular, in Spring 2016, we have used some of our Sports Premium money to evaluate our work to date and we have made some systemic changes to the way in which we think about and deliver PE and Sports at our school, in order to create capacity for a significant ongoing trajectory of future improvement.

As a result of work done using PE and Sports funding, we have developed and refined our approach to PE and Sports provision in a number of ways, to provide both competitive and cooperative opportunities, ensuring that standards and expectations in PE are just as high as in every other subject.  This guidance explains our approach to PE and Sports provision, including opportunities provided at lunchtime:


Historical Information:

Click here to see our 2015 Evaluation of PE and Sports: PE and Sports Evaluation 2015

In 2014 we carried out a full and thorough audit of PE and Sports Provision, along with other schools in the Futurezone Network, in partnership with the Mark Carter and Ministry of Football.  We have used the outcomes and ideas in this audit to inform discussions and plan the improvements that we seek in our action plans.  Winton_Primary_School_Sport_PE_Audit_2014_final



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