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The Pupil Premium is funding allocated to schools for the purpose of boosting the attainment of pupils from low income families. It is intended to enable schools to provide targeted support to help children reach their full potential.

Purpose of Pupil Premium

  • The Government believes that the Pupil Premium, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to provide to tackle disadvantage and ensure additional support reaches the pupils who need it most.
  • In most cases the Pupil Premium is allocated to schools and is clearly identifiable. It is for schools to decide how the Pupil Premium is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made for the individual pupils within their responsibility.
  • Schools are free to spend the Pupil Premium as they see fit. However, they will be held accountable for how they have used the additional funding to support pupils from low-income families.


Click here to see our Pupil Premium Strategy for 2016-17:

Pupil Premium Strategy 2016-17

Click here to see our Pupil PremiumĀ Evaluation for 2015-16:

Pupil Premium Summary Report 2015-16 – Winton Primary School

Historical Information

Click here to view how we have used the Pupil Premium to support pupils at Winton:

Pupil Premium Summary Report 2015-16 (Coming Soon – following DFE Release of National Data – Late October/November 2016)

Pupil Premium Summary Report 2014-15

Parent Guide What is APS Progress

Winton Primary School Pupil Premium Summary Report 2013-14

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