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In 2014, 2015 and 2016, we achieved our best SATS results ever.



2 Year Old Provision:

ITERS Score (Infant/Toddler Environment Rating Scale)

Score takes into account: Space and Furnishings, Personal Care Routines, Listening and Talking, Activities, Interaction and Program Structure.

Average score

April 15

Average score

June 16

5.4 6.1

A score of ‘5’ represents ‘Good’



Pupils achieving GLD (Good Level of Development): 74%                            

(Last year’s national average: 65%)


Year 1 Phonics Screening

Pupils passing phonics screen: 90%      

(Last year’s national average: 77%)


Key Stage 1 (Year 2) – Teacher Assessments

  Reading Writing Maths
Working at ‘Expected’ Level or Higher Winton 84% 84% 88%
National 74% 66% 73%
Working at ‘Deeper’ level Winton 28% 24% 28%
National 24% 13% 18%


Key Stage 2 (Year 6) – SATS Results 2016

Pupils Achieving “Expected” in National Tests

Reading Writing Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling Mathematics Read, Wr, Maths Combined
Winton Result 82% 89% 82% 93% 82%
National Average 66% 74% 72% 70% 53%






In 2015, we also achieved excellent results which reflect the hard work and improved achievements of all of our pupils in every year group!

Key Stage 1

96% achieved Level 2 in Reading; 93% achieved Level 2 in Writing; and 100%  achieved Level 2 in Maths.  This is much higher than the national average.

100% of pupils made the expected rate of progress from Foundation Stage, with a significant number of pupils also exceeding this.

Our overall results in Reading, Writing and Maths in Key Stage 1 place us in the top 3 schools for KS1 Results in Islington.

Key Stage 2

89% of pupils achieved the expected Level 4 in Reading/Writing/Maths combined (which is much higher than last year’s national average).

91% of pupils achieved Level 4 in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (significantly above the national average).

94% of pupils made the governments expected rate of progress from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2 in Reading and Maths.  100% achieved this in Writing.  In all subjects this is above the national average.

This represents significant improvement over the past 5 years!

Our results for Level 4 Reading/Writing/Maths for the last 5 years are:

2011: 47%

2012: 70%

2013: 64%

2014: 87%

2015: 89%


To find out more details about our results, follow this link:

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