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“Helping Children to Make their Mark!”

The Role of the Governing Body

Our Governors come from a range of backgrounds, and bring different areas of expertise to the school.  Governors contribute to ensuring high standards of achievement for all children in the school by:

  •  setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  •  holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  •  overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


A Governor’s role is to support and challenge the senior staff to continue to improve the school.  It is largely a thinking and questioning role and Governors are not there to manage the school or do the jobs of school staff.  Governors fulfil their role by regularly attending Governing Body meetings, providing strategic guidance and by asking probing and challenging questions of leaders within the school.  They also undertake visits, serve on relevant committees and oversee the Headteacher’s performance management.


A Message from the Chair of Governors

We aim to provide a stimulating school environment in which children can enjoy learning and playing with others.

Our school policies are based upon a firm belief in equal opportunities for all children regardless of gender, disability, race, colour or creed. We look for high levels of achievement in all areas.

At Winton we want children to receive a broad and balanced education that will make them lifelong learners and give them the ability to succeed in today’s modern technological society.

We believe that children’s lives are enriched by contact with a wide range of people. We encourage members of the local community to become involved in the life of the school, and the school to be involved in the life of the community.

We aim to help children to develop a sense of consideration for others. We foster and encourage courtesy and self-confidence, so that children value themselves and their abilities and make a full contribution to the life of the school.’

We hope your child will be happy and successful and enjoy their time at Winton.

Katherine Heffernan
Chair of Governors

Winton School Governors:


Sara Knight

Sara is a Parent Governor and brings almost twenty years of experience working in business as a headhunter. She set up her own company almost three years ago in which she specialises in making senior appointments in the oil and gas and pharmaceutical sectors.  She is a French speaker and regularly uses her language skills in her work. Previously, Sara was a secondary school teacher in which she taught French and English up to ‘A ‘ level.  She graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Modern Languages before obtaining a PGCE in Secondary Education from Westminster College, Oxford.  She chose to become a Governor to give something back to the local community. She brings a mix of business experience as well as a genuine commitment to ensuring that children get the best possible outcomes in their education.


John Ramchandani

John is a Co-opted Governor who brings almost twenty years of professional experience of working within the UK film industry.  Currently Director of Sales and Acquisitions for a feature film sales company, John actively works within the private sector of this highly competitive industry and previously ran an international licensing company, liaising directly with the major Hollywood Studios and independent licensors. John studied a business degree at the University of Surrey and later went on to gain a Masters in “Film: Industry and Culture” from the University of Westminster. In his spare time John is an active member of his local community, volunteering for a charity which organises regular events for older people who live alone.


Joti Penrose-Stevens

Joti is a Co-opted Governor who brings over thirty years of experience working as a civil litigation lawyer. Joti is a Partner for a leading London law firm and has been involved in some interesting cases focusing mainly on the insurance sector and the area of dispute resolution. Joti holds an LLB Hons degree from the University of Hull followed by the equivalent of a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice from the University of Law, Chester (Previously the Law College). She became a Governor over three years ago initially as part of the law firm’s commitment to corporate responsibility. She has a special interest in ensuring that the curriculum is broad based and gives children the opportunity to think for themselves, empowering them with life skills that will help them to excel in life.


Katherine Heffernan

Katherine is Chair of Governors at Winton School, a position she has held for the last eight years. She is a qualified accountant and has extensive experience of working in the public sector where she is a Senior Manager in Finance for another major London Borough. She brings strong financial and strategic planning skills and is committed to ensuring that Winton School continues to be an exemplary place of learning. she has worked with young people as a volunteer including being an independent visitor for Looked After Children.

 Nazrul Islam

Nazrul is a Parent Governor who currently works for a publishing company as a multi media consultant. He has worked for the company for nearly 13 years, whose newspaper publications include Islington Gazette and the Hampstead and Highgate Express. A former pupil of Winton School, Nazrul has a deep bond with the school and local community. He decided to become a Governor to ensure Winton School excels in providing a good education and a solid foundation for all children, regardless of background or ability.


Tony McMahon

Tony is a Staff Governor who is currently the Year 2 teacher, Phase 1-3 leader and Science and Humanities leader at Winton School. He holds a BA Hons degree in Literature from Loughborough University, a PGCE in primary education from the Institute of Education and a Masters in Teaching and Learning from University College London. Tony became a Governor as he felt it was important for there to be a voice outside of the Head who could give some insight into the day to day workings of the school




Governor Date of appointment Term of office Date of resignation/end of office Appointed by 01/12/2015 01/02/2016 09/05/2016
Daniel Childs 06/07/2015 (following reconstitution – 1st appt. 10/01/2013) (Co-opted) 4 years 31/08/2016 Governing Body Attended Apologies Absent
Katherine Heffernan 06/07/2015 (following reconstitution – 1st appt. 11/03/2008) (Co-opted) 4 years 05/07/2019 Governing Body Attended Apologies Attended
Nazrul Islam 06/05/2014 (Parent) 4 years 05/05/2018 Governing Body Attended Attended Attended
Sara Knight 01/12/2015 (Parent) 4 years 30/11/2019 Governing Body Attended Attended Attended
Marina Lin 06/07/2015 (following reconstitution -1st appt. 17/05/2011) (Co-opted) 4 years 05/07/2019 Governing Body Attended Attended Attended
Anthony McMahon 02/09/2013 (Staff) 4 years 01/09/2017 Staff election Attended Attended



John Mead 06/07/2015 (following reconstitution – 1st appt. 09/10/2013) (Co-opted) 4 years 05/07/2019 Governing Body Attended Absent Attended
Joti Penrose-Stevens 06/07/2015 (following reconstitution – 1st appt. 14/05/2013) (Co-opted) 4 years 05/07/2019 Governing Body Attended Attended Attended
John Ramchandani 01/02/2016 (Co-opted) 4 years 31/01/2020 Governing Body  NA Attended Attended
Andrew Rigby 14/07/2011 (Headteacher) Headteacher Attended Attended Attended
Nicholas Wayne 01/12/2015 (1st appt. 21/07/2011) (LEA) 4 years 30/08/2016 LEA Attended Attended Attended


Governor attendance at Curriculum & Standards Committee meetings


Governor 22/02/2016 20/04/2016 19/09/2016
Katherine Heffernan Apologies Apologies Attended
Nazrul Islam Apologies Apologies Attended (partial)
Marina Lin (Chair) Attended Attended Attended
Anthony McMahon Attended Attended Attended
Joti Penrose-Stevens Attended Attended Attended
Andrew Rigby Attended Attended Attended
Nick Wayne Apologies Apologies





Governor attendance at Finance & Resources Committee meetings


Governor 25/04/2016 19/11/2016 08/03/2017
Daniel Childs (Chair) Apologies    
Katherine Heffernan Attended Attended Attended
Sara Knight Apologies Attended Attended
John Mead Attended Attended  
John Ramchandandi (Chair_ Attended Attended Attended
Andrew Rigby Attended Attended Attended



Name Governor Type Term From Term To Declaration Of Interest
Hilary Furey 13/06/2016 None
Katherine Heffernan Co-Opted 6 Jul 2015 5 Jul 2019 2016/05/09 – Works for LB Haringey which offers traded education services, none of which are supplied to Winton Primary School.
Marina Lin Co-Opted 6 Jul 2015 5 Jul 2019 2016/05/09 – I work for Future Leaders Trust which provides leadership development programmes for challenging schools. No conflict to date.
John Mead Co-Opted 6 Jul 2015 5 Jul 2019 2016/05/09 – None
Joti Penrose-Stevens Co-Opted 6 Jul 2015 13 May 2017 2016/05/09 – None
Nazrul Islam Parent 6 May 2014 5 May 2018 2016/05/09 – None
Antony McMahon Staff 2 Sep 2013 1 Sep 2017 2016/05/09 – Sister has supplied flowers from her florist shop and Father has previously carried out flooring work at the school in his capacity as a flooring contractor.
Andrew Rigby Staff 14 Jul 2011 14 Jul 2015 2016/05/09 – Headteacher is also an Ofsted inspector.  Does not inspect Islington schools or any schools where there is a conflict of interest.
Daniel Childs Co-Opted 6 Jul 2015 5 Jul 2019 07/05/2015 None
Trudy Morgan Other 16 Sep 2015 15 Sep 2019 16/09/2015 (School Business Manager) – school gardener is a friend
Sara Knight Appointed 1 Dec 2015 30 Nov 2019 2016/05/09 – None
John Ramchandani Co-Opted 1 Feb 2016 31 Jan 2020 2016/05/09 – I am in a civil partnership (since 21/06/2008) with Anthony Doudle, Head of School Improvement at Islington Council.
Claire Brown Other 19 Apr 2016 18 Apr 2020



We expect all governors to be able to demonstrate the following essential qualities and attributes:

  • commitment to improving education for all pupils;
  • ability to work in a professional manner as part of a team and to take collective responsibility for decisions;
  • willingness to learn and to engage in training and development;
  • commitment to the school’s vision and ethos and to the democratic values of freedom, tolerance and respect for the rule of law;
  • literacy, numeracy and IT skills, sufficient to deal with governing body papers and school data.


Across the Governing Body as a whole, we are also looking to ensure that a range of specialist skills are covered (but we do not expect any individual governor to have all of these), including: understanding and experience of governance; strategic planning; human resources and performance management; data analysis; financial planning/budgeting; community engagement and volunteering; legal understanding; premises and property management; and experience of working in education/social care/health settings.

The Governing Body may also decide to appoint Associate Governors to serve on a particular committee if they provide a specific skill that the committee requires.  Associate Governors can vote at committee meetings.  They can also attend full Governing Body meetings in a non-voting capacity.

We expect all governors to uphold the seven principles of public life (the Nolan principles) which form the basis of the ethical standards expected of all public office holders: selflessness, integrity; objectivity; accountability; openness; honesty; and leadership.

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