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If you wish to contact a member of staff, please go to the school office and they will give you the best way to get in touch.

  • Andrew-Rigby-Staff

    Andrew Rigby

    Head teacher
  • Claire Brown

    Claire Brown

    Deputy Head teacher
  • Bev Newman

    Bev Newman

    Acting Deputy Head teacher (joint), Head of Early Years, Safeguarding Lead
  • Sue Roberts

    Sue Roberts

    Acting Deputy Head teacher (joint) Head of Special Educational Needs and Inclusion. Safeguarding Support
  • Tony McMahon

    Tony McMahon

    Y2 Class Teacher, Phase Leader Years 1 to 3, Science and Humanities Leader
  • Ian Jenkins

    Ian Jenkins

    Y6 Class Teacher, Phase Leader Years 4 to 6, Mathematics and Performing Arts Leader
  • Trudy Morgan

    Trudy Morgan

    School Business Manager
  • Christina Hector

    Chrissy Hector

    Senior Admin Officer
  • Sue Skinner

    Sue Skinner

    Learning and Resources Manager
  • Danny Cross

    Danny Cross

    Premises Assistant
  • Jade Manning

    Jade Manning

    Early Years Lead Practitioner
  • Valbona Husha

    Valbona Husha

    Early Years Support Worker
  • fionarasumussen

    Fiona Rasmussen

    Nursery Teacher
  • Semra Gokce

    Semra Gokce

    Reception Class Teacher, Religious Education Leader
  • Ali Webber

    Ali Webber

    Yr 1 Class Teacher
  • Sheree Cunningham

    Sheree Cunningham

    Y1 Class Teacher, English Leader
  • Shajeda Begum

    Shajeda Begum

    Y1 Class Teacher
  • Greg Gray

    Greg Gray

    Y3 Class Teacher
  • tanyaglatt

    Tanya Glatt

    Yr 4 Class Teacher
  • Sam Garrood

    Sam Garrood

    Y5 Class Teacher, Physical Education Lead
  • amybush

    Amy Bush

    Cover Teacher
  • Kim Patterson

    Kim Patterson

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Alan Alexis

    Alan Alexis

    Learning Mentor
  • samayyaabdul-cader

    Sumayya Abdul-Cader

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Bernadette Delaney

    Bernie Delaney

    Teaching Assistant
  • Adam Woolfenden

    Adam Woolfenden

    Teaching Assistant
  • Billie-Jo Dorrington

    Billie Jo Dorrington

    Teaching Assistant
  • Natasha Petit

    Natasha Pettit

    Teaching Assistant
  • nicolahearn

    Nicola Hearn

    Teaching Assistant
  • Marte Gjergji

    Marte Gjergji

    Nursery Nurse
  • Tania Collins

    Tania Collins

    Nursery Nurse
  • Pauline Williams

    Pauline Williams

    Nursery Nurse
  • nicolaedwards

    Nicola Edwards

    Parent Liaison Worker
  • Terri Skerrat

    Terri Skerrat

    Midday Meal Supervisor, Breakfast Club Leader
  • Keshere Russell

    Keshere Russell

    Midday Meal Supervisor
  • Lena Wilkinson

    Lena Wilkinson

    Midday Meal Supervisor, Breakfast Club Worker
  • Rukia Ali

    Rukia Ali

    Midday Meal Supervisor

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