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13th March 2017


Dear Parents and Carers,


Partnership Between Winton Primary School and Hugh Myddelton Primary School.

Invitation to a special meeting on Wednesday 15th March at 9am.


The Governors are very pleased to announce that Winton will be forming a Partnership with Hugh Myddelton from 1st September 2017.  Hugh Myddelton is another Islington Primary School about a mile away in Finsbury (near the Saddlers Wells and the Angel tube station) that has a similar ethos and vision to Winton.  The two Governing Bodies have met together and agreed that forming a Partnership is in the best interests of both schools.


What is a Partnership?

A Partnership is when two schools agree to work together for a period of time to support each other, share ideas and resources and work towards their shared aims.


In this case Winton and Hugh Myddelton have agreed to be in Partnership for two years.


A Partnership does not mean that the two schools are merging.  Winton and Hugh Myddelton will still be two separate schools and will have their own Governing Body, curriculum, teachers, buildings, uniform and school rules and policies.  The two schools will be equal partners in the Agreement.


What about the Headteacher? 

We have agreed that we will share one Headteacher between the two schools.  The Headteacher of Hugh Myddelton has agreed to be the Executive Headteacher for both schools.  Her name is Ms Natalie Parker and she is a very well respected Headteacher with lots of skills and experience.  She will start getting to know Winton in the Summer term and from September she will be working across both schools and will split her time between them.  We believe she will be a great leader for the school and she is very much looking forward to working at Winton.


Ms Parker will work with the current Winton senior leadership team including Ms Brown.   There will always be a member of the current senior leadership team on site to talk to parents and children.


What are the advantages of a Partnership?

We believe that by working together the two schools will be able to share ideas and resources in order to improve even more.  It means more opportunities for staff to learn from each other and develop good practice.  It is in line with the way the Government is encouraging schools to work.


Will there be any other changes?

There should not be any changes in the day to day life of the school because of this partnership.  It is really important to the Governors that Winton and Hugh Myddelton will continue to be two separate schools.  Each school will have their own Governing Body, curriculum, teachers, buildings, uniform and school rules and policies.


There will be a special Partnership Board set up.  This will include Governors from both schools and will make sure that the Partnership is working well and its aims are being achieved.


What does the Local Authority Islington Council think?

The Local Authority has been involved in all our discussions and fully supports the Partnership.


What will happen at the end of the two years?

At the end of the two years, the Partnership Board and the two Governing Bodies will review how well the Partnership is working.  This will include finding out what parents think about it.  We will then decide whether to continue the agreement, change it in some way or end it.


How do I find out more?

We will be having a Parents coffee morning on Wednesday 15th March at 9am.  Ms Parker will be there as will some of the Governors.  We are keen to hear parents’ views and also answer any questions you might have.


What happens after that?

After that the two Governing bodies will meet to finalise the agreement.

Ms Parker will start visiting Winton and getting to know the school.  She will work with the Governors and the leadership team to set up the new arrangements so they are ready for the 1st September.


I realise that this is a big piece of news to take in and there are probably lots of questions.  I would encourage you to come to the special meeting in the middle hall on Wednesday 15th March at 9am.  Or you can write to me as Chair of Governors – please hand your letter in to the School Office and they will make sure I get it.


I do however assure you that governors have thought very carefully about this decision and we believe that it will be a really great opportunity for the school and the children and that it will help Winton continue to improve and flourish


Yours sincerely,
Katherine Heffernan

Chair of Governors

Copy of letter sent to all parents:  Partnership Letter 13th March

Copy of the draft partnership statement: Draft Partnership Statement


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