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Looking to the future ..

25 May Looking to the future ..

Year 6 had an amazing experience visiting Itau BBA Bank. They went to the London office which is on the 24th floor and had amazing views.

Whilst there they had the opportunity to interview 5 different employees about their working life and careers. The children asked some really difficult questions my personal favourite was:
“What is the most challenging part of your job, and how do you overcome this?”
(I’m glad the Year 6s didn’t interview me!)

The children were given lunch and then spent the afternoon working with different employees creating a presentation about what they had learned about Itau BBA Bank.

“This was the most interesting trip, because I got to meet people I would never usually talk to.” – Abdulqadir.

Overall it was an amazing day out and we may have inspired some future investment bankers.

By Sam Garrood

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