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We aim to develop pupils’ abilities within an integrated programme of Speaking & Listening, Reading & Writing through a lively and exciting book based curriculum. Pupils are given opportunities to interrelate the requirements of English within a broad and balanced approach to the teaching of English across the curriculum, with opportunities to consolidate and reinforce taught literacy skills.

We aim for all pupils to be able to:

  • read and write with confidence, fluency and understanding, orchestrating a range of independent strategies to self-monitor and correct.
  • have an interest in books and read for enjoyment
  • have an interest in words, their meanings; developing a growing vocabulary in spoken and written forms.
  • understand a range of text types and genres – be able to write in a variety of styles and forms appropriate to the situation.
  • be developing the powers of imagination, inventiveness and critical awareness.
  • have a suitable technical vocabulary to articulate their responses.

This year we have focused on improving the range of books are children read through investing in a wide variety of books, opening our new library and improving the teaching of guided reading across the whole school.

Reading Strategies

Literacy Teaching and Learning Policy

Winton Grammar Policy

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