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Keeping children safe

Keeping children safe is our main priority at Winton. We ensure children know how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. All our pupils know to ‘think before you click’ and they know what to do if they are unhappy about online content, contact or conduct. We have age appropriate e-safety policies which all children are aware of and everyone at Winton signs an acceptable user agreement.

At Winton we have an e-team with two children from each class taking a responsibility for sharing e-safety awareness, looking after IT equipment and representing Winton for e-safety. The e-team have shared their top tips for keeping safe online;

Aysha, Y3

“Tell your parents or an adult that you trust if you are worried about anything online”.

Arif, Y3

“Send good, friendly and polite messages”.

Mo, Y5

“If you see a picture or a message that you don’t like, tilt your screen down, put your hand up and tell a teacher or an adult you trust”.

Jayden, Y6

“Be safe on the internet, if you see something bad don’t click on it!  Even if a pop up tells you, you are going to win a prize, don’t put your personal details in without an adult”.

Useful links and resources

Vodafone have released a popular Digital Parenting Magazine full of information and resources to help keep your child safe online and open up discussions at home around online use.  Paper copies are available at the school office.  See also the age appropriate Digital Parenting Checklists.

Technology has become integral to young people’s lives and it is important that they know how to stay safe online and make the most of the opportunities that the internet provides.  Here are some links to e-safety resources, information and games you can use with your children at home.

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day will be held on Tuesday 9th February 2016.  Look out for more details about how we will be celebrating and taking part nearer the time.

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