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A Pinch of Perfection: A Christmas Recipe

20 Dec A Pinch of Perfection: A Christmas Recipe

A magical afternoon at Winton today, every child helped to create some Christmas magic.

Thank you to all the parents and friends of Winton who came to support the children this afternoon.  We are very proud of all the children.

A Christmas Recipe:

‘Christmas Recipe’ imagines all the ingredients that go to make a wonderful Christmas being mixed together in a bowl! With this unique concept and a host of colourful ‘ingredients’ (robins, presents, snow, Father Christmas, and much more) this little musical offers the opportunity to create a very special Christmas performance.  

Cook (assisted by Cat and Dog) sets about creating the ultimate Christmas recipe. There are plenty of ingredients to stir in: a pinch of presents, a hint of angels, a few robins, several snowflakes and even Father Christmas!

All these ingredients are stirred into the mix one by one, until there is just one vital ingredient left to add: the baby in the manger!  Finally they have it: the recipe for a perfect Christmas.


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